Website's Domain Name Is Important for a Business

It is your business name, it must be clear and steady for your audiences.

People make their first impression of a business based on its name. As such, the domain name of your website is equally important. Your domain name is the identity of your business to the people who discover it online. A domain name with poor impression or a confusing spelling will lose business. The one that stands out will bring in customers.

A good domain identifies you

A domain should clearly identify your business; usually it is based on the company’s name. Example: WWW.APPLE.COM/MY or WWW. KFC.COM.MY. The domain that has the company’s name will be easily appear and found, If your domain and your company is different, then you should pick a good one for customers to identify you. Avoid sounding too general. For example, if your business is called Western Food, using is not a good domain name. It will confuse the audience and become a hassle for your business.

Choose the right top-level domain

Top-level domains (TLD) are the ones such as “.com”, “.my”, “.gov” and etc. A domain that ends in .com or has a certain prestige and generally trusted by people, but other TLDs can give a more accurate idea of your business you’re in. A name ending in .movies or .clothing immediately tells people the nature of your business, but these domains don’t generate the same level of trust as .com domain. Some TLD have acquired a poor reputation of being a spam domain. Choose TLDs that have strong reputations.

Keep it simple

Ultimately, you should keep the name simple. It should be easy to remember and easy to be searched. Your audience should be able to share it without confusion. Unique names will make a big difference in your business’s growth.

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