Shape Your Brand Identity From Your Website

Reputation for your business is the identity of the brand.

A well-designed website can do many things. It functions properly and contains basic marketing capabilities. If features beautiful designs, images, texts, and infographics for seamless user experience. For your website to truly stand out from the sea of available sites on the Internet, it needs a personality and communication of a clear message. You need this for your company’s brand identity.

Establish Yourself

Who are you as a company or business? This question is at the core of brand identity ? It is important you discuss the core values, principles and goals of your company.

You can ask yourself these questions to find your brand identity:

  • What kind of problem do you solve for your audience?
  • What principles are non-negotiable in your company?
  • How would you like your audience to describe your company?
  • What other companies do you admire for their brand identity?

Define Your Target Market

Your target market is the only source of your majority sales due to the interest of your product/services from them. The coalition of interest appears from the brand identity that you intentionally or unintentionally created. As important as it is to present a genuine message about which you are as a company, your audience need to be able to relate with your brand. Define whom you are targeting your content towards to. Therefore website is the only source of engagement that you can attain a good brand identity for your company and yourself.

Link to Social Media

Social Media is a must when it comes to building trust with your audience. If your audience is exposed to your company across multiple platforms, the clarity of your brand message will be stronger. Make sure your website features links or buttons to your social media pages. It should feature mostly on your homepage, contact page, and end of blog posts. Social media is the most important and essential tool to uplift your brand identity.

Stick to Your Style

Consistency is key when it comes to your brand identity. You need a clear voice, to make your audience grasp onto the message you want them to hear. Your voice and style must be consistent on your website, the style of images, graphics, colours and logo must be same across the website. It should also be the same across all your marketing platforms such as social medias.

Create a Blog

To share personalized content with your audience, having a blog on your website is a good idea. Promotional content even without huge call-to-actions will get you sales. Share about your company. Give visitors a behind-the-scenes look into your daily activities at work. Write about what inspires you to do the work you do. Talk about changes you make. Put a face and a voice behind your brand through a well-written blog that is consistently updated.

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