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In the present age of technological advancement, people are vary by interest and behaviors. Though the technology has helped us in many ways - probably in all ways, the world has to admit that there are some setbacks in providing personalisation to its users. Technology has helped us to reach the public by websites. Web services become ever more ubiquitous, the need for businesses to address the fact that the Internet is indeed a global medium, becomes increasingly crucial.

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In Malaysia, through the early years of Internet popularization, many Malaysian companies were blissfully unaware of the fact that only 5% of the world population considers English its well spoken language. Malaysians were happy to know that the websites they made were in English language and will give an international impression. In bigger picture, most of the visitors (Malaysian) of their websites finds it difficult to understand the content and choose to leave the site without any actions made.

Now, of course there will be a hike in the usage of English in adapting it as language of commerce, science and technology. English may currently still be the language of choice for the majority of people connected to the online world, but it will not be long before non-English web content is more preponderant. But, as a proud Malaysian company, Asiatechub Sdn. Bhd. is keen and confident by having multi language website, it will continuously promote the spirit of Malaysia-ness and visitors can read the web content in a language they’re fluent in.

Multi-language website will definitely stand apart and gain more advantages in viewing the web content based on their likings and it will definitely add more value to the readers. We are in a country represented by multiple ethnic groups and it is happy to know that by this, more Malaysian companies will adapt the changes and start to publish their web pages in more languages.

Localization is indeed the best option to practice and vital for enhance the spoken language of the locality. Localization is not only about translating your site’s text. Although that is a key part of the process, localization also involves adapting your site to another culture. For instance, it means making sure that currency and general terminology are correctly translated.

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Without getting too technical, localization helps readers to understand the concept of the particular technical part as to increase reader’s attention to continuously scroll down to read more content available. As a web content creator, one should be aware of this part and pay more attention to re-write technical terms in lament words.

But in the aspect of giving back to the society, Asiatechub has distributed promotion for RM59 E-Delivery management system , the cheapest in town to own an E- Commerce website, furthermore we have provided the opportunity to own a website for just RM 500. This is just the beginning.

Considering the facts above, it’s proven now that many businesses can make an attempt to make your website content less English-centric while adding more language flavor to your web content - because that's our identity as MALAYSIAN.

Malaysia, Happy 62nd Birthday.

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