The Importance of Good UI/UX for Websites

Every website should follow the importance of good UI/UX.

What is UI/UX?

User Interface (UI) is the visual aspects of your website . UI determines how information is presented and how visitors interact with it. A good UI design is clean and intuitive to ensure visitors can easily find what they need. User Experience (UX) is the overall experience of your website and determines how visitors get from point A to B while exploring your site. You would need to create a sitemap to develop a good UX to simplify the journey of the visitors in your website.

Which is More Important?

There is a difference between UI and UX, and they’re both important during Website Maintananceand optimisation. UI and UX work together and without one of them, your website might turn out to be one of the following:

  • A visually beautiful website, but visitor can’t find the content or page that they’re looking for
  • A website where visitors can easily find what they want, but your website is not visually good

From the examples above, you should know that both UI and UX need to be optimised for your website at the end of the day; you just want to provide a great experience to people who visit your website. A “call-to-action” or CTA is a user’s action that leads to the overall success of your website conversions. The way a website works has changed. It’s not all about providing information anymore, but also providing different CTAs for different visitors based on their persona. UI and UX have a high influence in the success of CTA conversions of a website.

Quick Fixes for Improved UI/UX

One of the most important aspects in a good UI and UX is to create a responsive web design. Many users are constantly on the go, so you’ll want to optimise your website to fit to all mobile apps to ensure your visitors will find it easy to find information easily. Another aspect to optimise is your website page load times and make sure it loads within 5 seconds. Otherwise your visitors may lose interest and exit your site. Include a visible call-to-action at every step of a visitor’s journey so you can engage and convert visitors effectively. This could be as simple as having an action for someone to complete a survey or sign-up for weekly tips. You need proper website structure planning, clear direction on visuals, content flow and functionalities of a website to implement a great UI/UX for your website.

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