Is Facebook Dating app safe or harmful for Social media users ?

A trend to be noticed.

Facebook has officially launched their Dating services application at F8 Conference on September 20, 2018.The whole social media went enthusiastic over the launch and was very excited on what could it offer. Facebook coming up with this dating service made their competitors like ‘Tinder” and “Bumble” cautious over how their target audience are going to react. The fear factor in the competitors mind will be on how can they attract their target audience back when Facebook as a social media platform introduces dating services for free. The biggest additional factor for Facebook is, they have already 2.2. billion accounts around the world, Therefore Facebook have already provided the platform for the social media users to join the dating services knowing the privacy and security which Facebook could offer.

Furthermore, Facebook is already a social media platform which enables random people to chat and meet. By creating a new dating services application, Facebook has open another tab for those who wanted to meet their crush or those who wanted to find a partner. Expanding first to 14 new countries in 2018 like Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia and more, It is said the dating app should be available in U.S by end of 2019. The expert’s view on this dating services are saying it’s an invite for romance scammers. Indeed, majority of social media has agreed with the statement, saying users might get cheated with scammers and that will be an harmful issue. Financial frauds are also an issue to be dealt with.

To answer all the question, Facebook has said that they are keeping the user’s data private and releases the information of the users only if they allow. Proper scanning will also be made for users whom are using the app. The ultimate reason for Facebook’s dating application is to ensure that this services suits for social media users whom are looking for long term relationship rather than hook ups. For more Facebook dating application manuals or how it work’s please visit

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