Benefits of Facebook Business Page

1. Exposure to Huge Audience Base

There are over 2.27 billion active users on Facebook per day. That is close to about half of the human population on Earth. It is never impossible to gain new customers with that number of people. Facebook being a sea of advertisement, you can just touch the billions by your creativity and marketing strategy.

2. Targeted Audience and Lead Collection

As the technology grows, most of your consumers and customers spend their time on Facebook, including your target audience and your prominent prospects too, Therefore, Facebook has all the data on how to reach your targeted audience every second, minute, hour and day.

3. Facebook Insight

Most customers are now online and they leave a trail of data on social media sites and search engines. Businesses should be able to analyse the data provided by customer insight. Facebook Insight is a tool that monitor and interpret customer behaviour when going to your Facebook Page. Marketers use many different tools to get better understanding of their customers.

4. Boost Web traffic

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important factor when it comes to maintaining the top spot on search engines like Google, Bing and etc. So how does Facebook page help grow your existing website? Facebook Shop can be directed to your own existing e-commerce website. With the advantage from Facebook Insight, you can determine your customers’ behaviour from their searching behaviour towards your product by capturing and gathering the highest traffic keyword they used in search engine.

5. Marketing Costs

If you are a start-up business, Facebook Shop is one of the best e-commerce platforms worth trying. You can allocate your budget for your advertising plan with Facebook Ads. Start-up businesses can easily eliminate cost on physical stores and every cent of your advertising budget. It will be used wisely depending on your advertisement objectives and settings. Today, physical stores are still a valuable factor in business but online store is the trend and the future. Creating brand awareness through Facebook business page enables your business to excel.

6. Pages to watch tools

How do you find out, how your competitor is doing now? Or any running marketing campaign from your competitor? With this tool, you can see closely how your competitors are currently doing on Facebook. It helps to motivate you in improving your post and also ads.

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